Strength & balance
for the
modern and
An interactive evidence-based

exercise program that's
motivating and fun to use
Take a step towards better balance
LudoFit offers the perfect blend between light exercise and captivating video games. It helps you perform meaningful exercise that promotes balance, strength, coordination and endurance.
Research shows that video games provide a healthy distraction from the normal boring approach to exercise. In fact, people who once dreaded exercising are now motivated and excited to conquer the “game”!
Exercise your way around the world
This downloadable app combines motion-sensing with captivating outdoor landscapes, giving you the chance to exercise in different regions around the globe.
Forget you’re exercising as you downhill ski in snowy Italy, rock climb in beautiful Thailand, and cycle the picturesque Tour de France.
What people are Saying
“I think it actually improved my balance. I started by holding onto a chair, but then I’m able to handle it without holding. I take that as a personal improvement. The games are fun, they’re a workout, and I’m going to continue.”
- Paul Chorney, Arizona
"I like the fact that I can get myself to exercise using this program, and my body feels tired after the exercise. It’s challenging for me, but I'm making some progress. I would like to continue using it because it feels good. I’m so glad I got into this program."
- Marg Goodlin, Pennsylvania
"The thing is the gaming aspect makes it fun. I think people my age aren't used to doing computer games, but I found it quite easy to use. You’re not being competitive with somebody else, you're competing with yourself. I also like the fact that the games take you to different and interesting places."
- Larry Toy, California
“I’m enjoying it. It’s fun. I think the best part for me is probably the cognition part, the reaction time, seeing what is coming ahead and reacting to that.”
- Nancy Hall, California
“I like that I can do it on my schedule. I don’t have to drive someplace. I would definitely like to use this over the long-term.”
- Don Hall, California
Watch the video to see LudoFit in action
A fun and unique way to stay strong, healthy, and independent
Exercise from the comfort of your home
Personalize your own challenge level
Track performance to celebrate your wins
Use your own laptop or iPad® - no special equipment needed
Common questions we get from our users are:
+ - What will I need to use LudoFit?
You’ll need a Windows computer, Mac computer, or iPad®.
+ -How much time will it take to use the program?
We recommend 5-10 minutes per session, but it’s ultimately up to you.
+ -Do I have to be tech savvy?
No, this app is simple, user-friendly, and easy to use.
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your questions.
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